Smart Ways to Increase Online Leads!

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We know you have great products and services, but before we dive into all of the details, try to picture yourself as a consumer.

Imagine that you have a problem you need to solve and that someone has the perfect solution. It’s a great price, you can afford it, and you would absolutely without a doubt buy this solution (product or service); there is only one problem … you don’t know they exist, and when searching online they don’t appear.

So how will you solve your problem? How will they get you into their sales funnel and deliver their products and services to you, if you can’t find them?

No matter how you dress things up, even if you offer the best product, at the best price, nothing else matters if no one can find you or is aware that you exist.


It’s simple. Those with the most leads win.

– Lisa Thompson, President ~ Brand Revival & Design Inc.


So, how do you increase your leads online?

Increasing your online activity and visibility is a great way to be seen and get found online, which will help you get more leads and make more sales.

We’ll get into the details below, but first BRD Bonus: Here is our quick #LevelUp your Online LEADS Checklist:

> Online Listings
> Active Social Media
> Blogs + Newsletters
> Up-to-Date/Active Website
> Lead Magnet(s)
> Online Reviews
> Google Business Listing
> Online Advertising


Now, more than ever, getting those golden stars and online reviews is an important factor in doing business. You want to collect valuable feedback and win the trust of new customers as often as possible. You want to use your happy customer reviews to win over new customers, wherever they are.

You want to shine! Who doesn’t, right?

So how do you get your customers to write that glowing review?

A few simple tips…

  1. Create multiple online spaces for customers to leave reviews;
  2. Create incentives for those who follow through;
  3. Ask at the right moment but ask open-ended questions first;
  4. Use the BRD customer review easy one-click tool;
  5. Ask in person when you can and follow up;
  6. Respond to every review you receive – even the negative ones; and
  7. Share the love. Give more reviews too.



Reviews are great for your reputation and helping to build trust, but guess what else they help with? That’s right, your glowing 5-star reviews also help keep your SEO, alive and well! Now your rankings are skyrocketing! and you’re on your way to being found first online before your competition! (Well not always – but your reviews are a part of healthy SEO)

To back things up a bit, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your target audience find you online through everyday search engines, with the goal of moving you up in the ranks and onto page one. Every entrepreneur’s dream. (Yes, we’re all a bunch of nerds).

Ask us about other methods of SEO 🙂


Now that we’ve talked about those first two very important topics (Reviews + SEO), let’s venture onto yet another smart way to increase your leads. Yes, you knew this one was coming… SOCIAL MEDIA!


Social media is a long-term and ongoing growth plan. So, whether you are B2B or B2C, in today’s world a consistent social and digital presence is a MUST and should be included as a part of your overall marketing strategy and budget.

Maybe you’ve been feeling like your social media strategy isn’t having much success lately. Are you reaching your ideal target market? Are any of your followers buying your products and services? No matter how you may be feeling, you know you need to use social media as part of your growth strategy and you may not be a social media Rockstar just yet, but you can and will be soon!


We get it! Truthfully, you just want to get found and grow – and we want to help you.

We have lots of great ways to help you grow your following and more importantly connect and engage with your tribe and your best quality followers, but the best advice we could give you is:

A) Have a strategy, B) Be authentic, C) Follow the 80-20 rule.

80-20 Rule: 80% of your content should be valuable, useful, interesting on brand content, and 20%  of your content should be self-promotion (which includes making great sales offers).

BRD Bonus: Cut down on time, track more leads, and curate more content with ease and manage all of your social media in one dashboard (The BRD Dashboard), with the BRD Team!

We want to help you build stronger relationships and stay top of mind.

– Lisa Thompson, President ~ Brand Revival & Design Inc.


Now, let’s switch gears one last time…

What about Website LEADS?

Think of your website as your storefront. Millions of people pass by every single day. Some visit. Some don’t. Those who do visit you want to stay long enough to make a purchase, add their email to your newsletter, download your lead magnet or in some way interact with your business and website.

You need people to engage and create a method to capture their data and contact info, to follow up and determine why they came to your website in the first place. 

The digital world as we know it has made it pretty much a necessity to impress, entertain and educate our audience while we have them. But in reality, we may only have them for a few seconds, at most. Everyone seems to think that high-traffic numbers speak volumes but those are just numbers.

Traffic alone doesn’t always cut it. We want people to engage and have a call to action that turns their engagement, into a lead or a purchase. 


Make this happen …


  • Tell a story as this gives you a chance to introduce yourself, your company, your brand, your mission and let the world know what makes you stand out from the rest.
  • Be an influencer by being transparent and authentic. This includes your brand’s content, voice and imagery.
  • Be user-friendly. If your audience can’t follow along, more than likely they’re going to go to another page, or even worse, leave your site altogether.
  • Interact with your leads. Don’t just sell them something or offer them a product (e.g. download via lead magnet), send them an automated email and leave them hanging.
  • Get personal. For example, send them a thank you email. They will appreciate the one-on-one a lot more than the “generic” stuff. Don’t forget, this includes your social media platforms too. Get personal.
  • Add value to the relationship and offer different options, including a free gift or lead magnet offer.
  • Make your regular customers a VIP offer. In reality, they’ve been with you for a long while now. They deserve it.

Think of what a VIP customer is, and what it takes to keep him. Think of his long-term value once you have figured out how to motivate him to spend five to 10 times what others will pay for essentially the same product or service. Think about the very small cost of reselling him as compared to the cost of acquiring a new customer.

Early to Rise ~ Excerpt

BRD has many service’s to offer you that will help you become a marketing master and dominate the digital world by increasing your market share, while we monitor and manage online leads and conversions to grow your business.

The BRD Dashboard can help you with all the items we have discussed here. It is exceptionally cost-effective to market your business online and the BRD team makes it easy, with our  DIY tools and training, with professional support where and when you need it.

Partnering with us can use to save time and money!

Invest in effective marketing with services such as:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web + SEO
  • Social Media
  • Small Business Packages
  • Branding/Graphic Design
  • Website Re-Targeting
  • Display Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Reputation Management



If you need some help along the way, we’d be happy you chat with you, meet you and strategize with you about marketing, business growth, and all things digital. We honestly can’t wait to learn more about your business and talk shop!

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What challenges are you facing with lead generation?

We’d love to hear your story in the comments!

Or, let’s just have coffee! 🙂

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