Is Your Website Secure, Mobile Adaptive and Getting You More Leads?

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Let’s talk security and leads!.

Have you ever noticed that some website URLs start with “http” while others start with “https”? Or maybe you just happened to notice the extra “s” while you were cruising the net. Some may even say “not secure” or “Secure”

Are you wondering what the deal is with that extra “s”? or what does this mean?

To put things simply, without boring you half to death on all the tech-guru lingo, that extra “s” means your connection to that specific website is secure so any encrypted data you enter is safely shared. The technology that is the power behind that little “s” goes a long way and is called a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL for short).

Another huge perk to SSL is it’s good for your SEO!

Since SSL is now a mandatory part of Google’s search ranking algorithm, combining your selected keywords and an SSL certificate will help you rank ever higher in search engine results, and not have an SSL or mobile adaptive site, will actually negatively affect your site ranking.

At BRD, our tech guru’s work hard to help you build and maintain the digital authority you need, want and deserve so that your business can move up the ranks!

Now that we’ve talked online security, let’s move on to lead magnets which is another very important element that will bring your website to a whole new level. But before we dive into all the details, think about how much more traffic your website could be getting. And what your business could offer, with the help of a simple lead magnet, that your customers/clients just can’t ignore!

Lead magnets aren’t some newfangled tech-guru trend. They’re an essential component in your marketing plan. With a lead magnet, you give someone something for free in exchange for an email and permission that you can continue sending them more awesome stuff. So, in the end, it’s like the catalyst for a new customer relationship!

But not all lead magnets work the same.

So, to transform complete strangers into loyal customers, here are a few tips …

  • Offer something of real value, not fluff;
  • Use an enticing headline;
  • Provide options;
  • Be short and clear with your verbiage; and
  • Honor your word.

And most important of all, once you gain their trust by getting their email address, don’t spam them!

Doing good business – being ethical, being transparent, being caring, implementing values in your business – makes a difference, and you make money at the same time.

– Shari Arison, Israel’s Wealthiest Businesswoman

Remember, a good lead magnet, when executed correctly can give you leverage with your target audience. This intoxicating power of FREE to kickstart your way to getting more leads is the very first step in your customer value optimization process.

Ready to learn more and get those leads you’ve always dreamed of?

The BRD Dashboard can help you with all the items we just discussed. It is an exceptional cost-effective way to market your business online with easy to use DIY tools and of course, professional support where and when you need it. Partnering with us can use to save time and money!

Talk to us. What challenges are you currently facing with you lead magnet(s)?

We’d love to hear your story in the comments and offer any help we can.

If you’d like help we’d be happy you chat with you, meet you and strategize with you about marketing, business growth and all things digital. We honestly can’t wait to learn more about your and talk shop!

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